From Kernel to Delicious

How It All Began


IzzyPop Popcorn started back in 2011, when 8 year old Isabella came up with the idea of popping and selling popcorn as a fun summer project. Since popcorn has always been one of Isabella’s favorite healthy snacks, she wanted to be able to share it with everyone! Popping popcorn in an old fashioned Popcorn Machine at home, was how it all began.


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Everything from deciding on a name, picking out the colors, designing labels, and choosing the packaging tuned into a huge family project. Isabella made bags of popcorn and sold them with her little brother at a family owned gourmet food store on 51st Street and Rockefeller Plaza in NYC. With her homemade signs and little stand Isabella sold so many bags that summer, there was no keeping up with the demand. With a little coordination and a lot of effort, IzzyPop Popcorn expanded from a cute summer project, into an actual snack product, popped and packaged in a real factory!

Olive Oil Sea Salt was the original flavor, but multiple flavors have been added to the line, and more ideas are in the works!


We hope you enjoy this special snack as much as we enjoy bringing it to you!


At The Factory


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